• No one is paid to spend their time in the Tulgey Wood.
  • Each participant is unique when it comes to age, abilities, and background.
  • Friends bunk together, eat meals together, and provide care for one another.
  • With support from our close-knit community, everyone is able to take part in a variety of fun and engaging activities.
  • A deep reverence and appreciation for the arts is nurtured in the Tulgey Wood, particularly in the realms of storytelling, pottery, music, dance, and theatre.
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  • Each summer, we create an original musical production that represents weeks of intense training, rehearsal, and preparation. All are welcome to attend!
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  • The Tulgey Wood facilitates the cultivation of empathy, resilience, and lifelong friendships.
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The Tulgey Wood on Facebook

The Tulgey Wood on Facebook