As part of supporting friendships, no one must pay and no one is paid to attend Tulgey Wood.
Most of us donate what we can, because we all value our community.

The mission of Tulgey Wood is to create integrated community for people with and without disabilities to live, create, play and adventure together.

Each participant is unique when it comes to age, abilities, and background.

Tulgey Wood facilitates the cultivation of empathy, resilience, and lifelong friendships.

Friends bunk together, eat meals together, and care for one another.

A deep reverence and appreciation for the arts is nurtured in the Tulgey Wood, particularly in the realms of storytelling, pottery, music, dance, and theatre.

Each summer, we create an original musical production that represents weeks of intense training, rehearsal, and preparation. All are welcome to attend!

With support from our close-knit community, everyone is able to take part in a variety of fun and engaging activities.