Days 8 and 9

Friday, August 16, 2019

We got a little behind in publishing our blog, but are working to catch up! Thanks to Meg, we have write-ups of these days!!

Friday August 16

We spent all day figuring out last minute logistics for the play: practicing music, our lines and blocking- where everyone stands on stage, enters and exists. After getting back from the theater, we had 17 pizzas courtesy of Pi Pizza and two Caesar salads which is better than New York City pizza. We were all excited Maggie and Thomas came back. Thomas had to go back to school to give a presentation on foster care and Maggie went to support him. When Maggie said, “should we have ice cream while Thomas tells us about the big presentation he had and Meg thought Maggie was kidding about ice cream. Andrew and Meg were telling each other that they would go on strike practicing for the play after dinner. Play practice went smoothly after dinner.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Play day!!! When we went to bed on Friday night, the play didn’t have an ending yet. The creative process spanned from about Tuesday to Saturday, but by the time the lights went up, we had a play that we were proud to share.

“Meaner Girls” was basically about a new girl named Cady trying to fit in as a transfer student to a high school with well established cliques: jocks, plastics, nerds and goths. Meg played Cady and was glad that, unlike in the movie “Mean Girls,” she didn’t end up actually being mean.

The play was phenomenal and everybody did a great job! Sarah, who we knew from many productions at the Theatre Workshop, including Mama Mia, stepped into a cameo role as the mother of the “plastics” and did a terrific job! We were so happy to see the actors from Grease and many, many, many other friends in the audience.

After the play, Meg went to town for frozen chocolate drinks and cookies with Rebecca P., Olivia, Peter and Alex. A small group headed home to take a nap, and the rest of us went to the lighthouse beach. It was glorious to swim and watch the boats go by. We went back for an amazing dinner by Maggie and celebrated how well the play had turned out.