Days 6 and 7

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Meg’s highlights of the day:

This morning, Peter, one of the directors of Zeno, a camp in Vermont, and his son came to visit. One group went boating in the morning while the rest of the group practiced music and a new song was introduced at the end of practice. We broke up into groups so some folks could work on the play while others painted shirts.

After lunch Anthony, Kieran, Emma, Katie, Monik and Meg got to go on a boat ride with Chris Shannon. During the car ride we were saying how everyone sounded phenomenal during music, especially singing “Shallow.” Emma mentioned how in the movie “A Star is Born” it was Bradley Cooper’s first time professionally singing and Lady Gaga‘s first time acting and that they coached each other.

On the boat, it was windy and gray but we still were thrilled to be on the peaceful, calming, yet delightful boat ride. The highlight of the boat ride was when Chris, the driver of the boat, let Anthony steer for awhile, which was really neat! After the boat ride, Emma, Katie, Monik and I went to the juice bar to get delicious ice cream while Anthony and Kieran went out on their own to get cards. On our way back to the house, we ran into our group downtown. They were singing songs in the street, and handing out flyers advertising our play to locals and tourists. We stopped to say hello and drove back to the house for a much needed nap to get ready for the next activity.

People who encountered us on the street mostly really enjoyed listening to our enthusiastic singing, and many people were happy to receive a flyer about our play. One person immediately gave us a generous donation online and encouraged us to “keep on having fun!”

After dinner, I loved hearing from a small group who went to the Cisco Brewery. They had a small drink and chatted with a nice manager named Sully who invited us to come as a whole group . He suggested we eat lunch there from the food trucks and listen to a concert. It was surprising to learn that they have some animals and that there are concerts there every day. We hope we might get to go there soon.

Gabriella’s dad came to pick her up and was convinced to tell a story. He told about how tired she was this morning and the only way to get her out of bed and get her ready to come here was to play a lively song on his phone. She was still in bed, but she started dancing! Then she showed her incredible dance moves after dinner last night.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

We had a quick and easy breakfast and headed straight to the theater to do our first ever read-through of the script for the play. We spent most of the day at the theater, with a break for a picnic. Many thanks to Henry Jr’s and Something Natural for the awesome sandwiches — delicious and a nice reprieve for the lunch makers!

Before dinner, our friend and neighbor Jack Weinhold came over and took a photo of the whole group. It always takes a while to get everyone to stay still and look at the camera at the same moment, but Jack works mini-miracles.

The best part of the day, says Meg, was our cookout, courtesy of Katie’s parents, John and Ann O’Reilly. They prepared massive quantities of delicious salads and meat and veggie burgers, and we ate until we nearly burst. Lots of people had kindly set up all the tables and chairs outside and we had a lovely time talking and hearing stories from each other.

Tina Steadman, who runs Nantucket STAR, joined us for dinner last night and we all enjoyed her story-telling after dinner. She told the story of her fourth “surprise” daughter who was born when Tina was, we’ll just say, of a certain age. She told her husband, who said, “Impossible. We’re too old.” She told her three daughters, who were almost 15, almost 13 and almost 10. The eldest started crying and said, “I’ve been telling you, three is enough children!” The second eldest started crying and said, “All my friends know how babies are made. This is embarrassing!” The youngest said, “I wanted to cry, but I’m holding it back because everyone else is already crying!“

Mike and Andrew read and acted out a script that Rebecca G. had been working on for awhile. It was a lively and funny production.

We did another read-through/run-through of the play after dinner, and it seems to be coming along pretty well. Some people started getting fitted for costumes, with more of all things “play” to come tomorrow.