Days 4-5

Monday, August 13, 2019

This post is put together by Katie O, Meg and Jan

“Sit tall. Breathe in and out and pay attention to air flow
Breathe a little more deeply
Fill yourself with air and let out a long ohm sound
Two more times
Open your eyes and reach up or out, inhale and exhale.”

And thus, our day started with a flow of air and energy! An important yoga note: “If you’re laughing you’re breathing.”

We followed yoga, breakfast and contributions time with music and pottery. In pottery we made unique faces out of clay. Katie enjoyed it. Meg noted that the feeling of the clay in her hands is very therapeutic. Olivia did a fabulous job singing solo singing “Shallow” for our play. After lunch we went to Water Tower beach where we enjoyed the cold water and beautiful sunshine. Some of us sat on the beach and relaxed, soaked in Vitamin D, and watched the waves and swimmers.

Last night we watched the movie “Mean Girls” to get an idea for our play on Saturday. Meg said, “I personally didn’t like it that much. Cady started off being nice and then, in order to fit in, she thought she had to be mean. I didn’t like that she faked being bad at math just to get a guy to like her. But I liked that she self-corrected herself and apologized at the end.”

We haven’t mentioned something super important yet, but Maggie is a really good cook! We’re very grateful that she’s doing so much cooking; we’re eating really well! Katie says that the tacos were really yummy and I loved them.”

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

We began the day with another yoga class, this time taught by Sally, for which we are again so grateful! It was cloudy all morning, which was perfect for a pottery class, a painting class and a small group play practice. But first we had music class. If you’ve never come to one of our music classes, we want to try to give you a glimpse.

The whole group sat in a circle around Monik at the piano. There were some big sheets of paper with the words to the song we were learning today, which was “Brave” by Sarah Bareilles. Monik gave us one or two lines at a time and we echoed them back to her, repeatedly, until we were fairly comfortable with the first verse and the chorus. Then, anyone who wanted to tried singing solos. Anthony, Jack, Rebecca, Peanut, Peter, Sam, Gabriella and Olivia all did a great job as soloists, and after they had sung the song so many times, we were even more familiar with it. Everyone stayed really focused and worked really hard throughout the class.

Ritch is a teacher on Nantucket who met us last year and offered to come teach pottery and maybe other crafts as well. Today in pottery, his idea was to make name placques based on traditional quarterboards. Some people used the clay in other ways, and that was fine, too.

In art class, Reed suggested we paint whatever Tulgey Wood means to us. Everyone interpreted that in different ways, and everyone was really into it!

We had a delicious lunch and a short rest and then it was time to get dressed nicely for the sing-along. The weather had changed from cloudy to just a little rainy to a little harder rain, and by the time everyone was gathering in the living room looking well-dressed and ready to go, the sky faucets opened up. And then the thunder and lightning started.

Stepping off the porch to go load into our vehicles was an act of incredible resolve. Everyone there would have readily agreed to a cancellation, but there was no cancellation being offered. Within the first three seconds of stepping out from under the overhang, we were drenched - and that’s no exaggeration. By the time we got through the opening in the hedge, our feet were squelching in our shoes and our entire bodies were soaked. And then we got to the parking area. Our parking area is usually sandy. Today it was a pond of uncertain depths. First our toes were underwater, then our ankles, then our shins. It was like wading in a giant muddy bathtub with the shower on full blast. Then we had to sit in the cars, dripping, squelching, soaking wet, all the way to Siasconset, where it was still pouring when we arrived at the Casino. Getting dry was just not in the cards for us tonight!

The sight of the dry and welcoming Casino and all the Siasconset Chapel folk who also braved the downpour to be there to sing with us and serve a delicious meal was heartwarming. Rain and wet feet and soaked undergarments couldn’t get us down, though. We had the most spectacular sing-along ever.

Susan led us in “This land is your land” and a sea shanty and other favorites. Susan is so upbeat and she radiates a positive flow of energy. Jan taught us a few rounds. And everyone there was invited to lead a song if they wanted. It worked! We all shared in the job of leading the sing-along, and the music was warming, drying, melodic and uniting. Meg noticed that many of us loved getting to know Lady, Carr’s and Maxwell’s dog, at the Casino. Meg was staring at Lady especially during “You are my sunshine” and during dinner, she got to pet her. Meg was surprised that she isn’t a therapy dog because she puts people in a good dog. After the singing, we sat together and ate all the great food everyone brought with them, and afterwards we told some stories to each other. Thank you one and all for a fabulous evening!