Days 1-3 Tulgey 2019

It’s been almost a year since we were last together on Nantucket — and now that we are, we’ve been too busy to blog. So we’ll keep it simple and try to catch up with some photos and some chat about our time in the Tulgey Wood. We have a large, loving, fun, thoughtful, energetic, occasionally silly and always wonderful group here for Tulgey 2019! You’ll see. . . Today’s blog is put together by Jan and Meg, with pictures submitted by lots of the group.

Friday, August 9, 2019

On Friday, most of the group met in Hyannis and took the ferry to Nantucket. When we got to the house, roommates and suitemates spent a little time unpacking and chatting and then we played a really funny game called Running Charades. We had to act movie titles such as “Jurassic Park.” Charades is fun but challenging because you have to act out the clues without saying any words. Everyone gave it their best, and Luke was the most enthusiastic and committed player. He always has a great outlook on life and says life is good a lot. He has the most contagious and cheerful smile.

After a blessing by Peter and a very delicious meal cooked by Ellen’s aunt, Kathleen, we told each other stories and met all the new people. Jokes by Peanut and Grace were interspersed with quite a few funny stories of uncomfortable digestive experiences and a Greek myth about the first bee, amongst others. One of Kathleen’s friends told a story about her son who proposed to his girlfriend at a light house and it turns out her last name means light house. He tells people he proposed to her at a light house because he knew what her last name meant. The funny part of the story is that at the time he had no clue what her last name meant and fabricated the story to make it sound more interesting. We finished day one perfectly by dancing the night away.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday dawned bright, warm and sunny and we took full advantage of a chance to go to the Washing Pond - or Water Tower - beach. It’s an incredibly beautiful spot with a 2000 ft tall sand dune (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration!) to climb up and over before you reach the beach. Somehow, by the time we had reached the beach and were recovering and applying sunscreen, only Thomas still had the energy to unload all the towels and water and everything else we still needed from the vans. Thanks, Thomas! There was a really nice sandbar a ways out to sea, and while most of the group frolicked and splashed and swam, the rest of the group enjoyed the sound of the waves and the feel of the increasingly strong breeze until it was time to head back for a late “dunch” — or dinner for lunch.

Thank you to the Nantucket Cottage Hospital and all the wonderful people we met while at the “Pops” on Saturday evening. We had to arrive several hours early to secure our spots, but being together is what we love most, so it was no problem to pass the time singing, telling stories, chatting and watching the crowds walk in with coolers and beach chairs. We loved the concert, we loved dancing and singing, and we loved the fireworks. A great, and late, night!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday morning, some of us went to the Unitarian Church, some to the Catholic, and some to the Siasconset Union Chapel. It was great to reconnect with our old friends and to make some new friends. The rest of the group appreciated the beauty of the ocean. Adama really wanted to get into the water, but kept backing away from the waves until at last, she and her friend Emma went in together, and she loved it!

After church, Jack, Ben, Alex and Peter went out for a coffee and shopping trip. Peter bought most of the things on his list, but is already planning what he might want for the next outing.

In the afternoon, our whole group saw the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket’s production of “Grease.” Afterwards we got to meet the cast and some of us got autographs. We loved getting to meet them! Talia, Meg and Isabelle loved the music, especially the last song. When Olivia talked after dinner about the show and how much she loved “We go together,” we all sang it enthusiastically while she danced for us. Thank you, Theatre Workshop for your generosity!!

After dinner and lots of stories from our new arrivals, Danielle, Reed, Abigail and Andrew, we started learning some songs for our play. Just in case you’re planning on coming, it’ll be on Saturday, August 17th, 2pm at Bennett Hall!