Days 8 and 9

Friday, August 17, 2018

We had an early wake up and yoga with Sally (thank you, Sally!!) She helped us by playing calming music, repositioning us and telling us to make sure not to hurt ourselves. She read a calming passage while we were doing the shivasana (corpse pose) that really relaxed us. Some of us found it very helpful with addressing our anxiety.

We rushed straight from breakfast to Bennett Hall for a play rehearsal. Before we started the rehearsal, Mike L had us do some warm ups. One warm up was to kiss the hand of the person next to us, until everyone in the circle had been kissed. Another was to shout out "Maggie" and then "Thomas!" A funny one was to go around the circle saying "Harry Potter," first in full-on American accents and then to get increasingly British (except Kieran, who tried to sound very American!) Sarah's British accent was quite authentic. The point was to warm up our voices and to not get so anxious. 


We ran through the whole play twice, but the second time, we kept going rather than reworking parts as we went. It was a successful rehearsal, but we'll need to keep practicing to be completely ready! 


After a huge lunch, followed by a much-needed rest period, some groups went to a couple different beaches, while others went to town. Billy, Katie, Olivia Peanut, Ben R, Anna an Eva went to Surfside beach and discovered an ice cream stand! Sand sprinkled ice cream cones, anyone? 

We had a delicious dinner thanks to Jamie’s parents! After dinner Josh and Thomas told the story of going to a nude beach. They met another nude bather who was really interested in learning more about the Tulgey Wood and said he'd love to come to the play.  

Aaron, who joined us today and is playing clarinet for the play, told a story. When he was a kid, his mom would say, "We need to go do some errands." Since "errands" sounded like "Aaron"  he always wanted to go run errands with his mom because he thought they would do whatever he wanted to do. He was disappointed when they did boring shopping for the house, but it took him a long time to realize that was what happened on "errands." 

Peggy gave Jamie a make-up bag with nail polish and tissues for being a wonderful friend. She also gave Jamie’s parents a crochet coaster for drinks in the kitchen that she had been working on all summer long. The after-dinner play practice was a success as we did two rehearsals and Rachel figured out what everyone was going to wear for costumes.

We can’t wait to see our friends at 2pm at Bennett Hall. We are all very excited for putting this funny play on for you!

Saturday, August 18

We had a much needed sleep and to start Saturday morning off right, we had a relaxing yoga session, thanks again to Sally. Then we had breakfast and Elinor told a truly Tulgey Magic story of the guy who gives us fire wood.  She had been trying for a week and a half to reach him by phone, but was unable to. This morning, she looked up his address in the phone book and then located it on the map and was preparing to drive there. Just as she headed for the stairs, she noticed a man standing on the stairs. It was Dave Renner, our wood and sawdust angel! Elinor plans on firing all of the pottery and having a big camp fire Saturday night after the play, which is why she needs the wood and why it's so wonderful Dave showed up! 


Following our final rehearsal, it was finally time for the play. We got in our costumes and admired each other's beauty. Mike gave us a great pep talk and we were ready to go on!

The play was a great success and everyone had fun! Mike H gave an introduction to Tulgey Wood and gave a dedication to Bobby Bird, an important part of our community who passed away earlier this year. While thanking the Steamship Authority for bringing us to camp on the fast ferry (which is their incredibly generous donation) Jan said that we were on Martha's Vineyard. Oops!

The audience loved our play and laughed throughout. It was great that the cast from the Footloose play was there. The audience especially loved Becky’s facial expression when she took a bite of the pancakes and said they were delicious. (Insider's secret -- the pancake she ate a bite of was incredibly dry and plain, not at all worthy of Chef Pierre's restaurant, and really not delicious! However, Becky is a consummate actress and delivered her line perfectly!) We will soon have the raw footage from one movie camera so you can see the play on our blog and on our website, and then we hope to have a professionally edited version available. 

Most of the audience came down to the stage to dance with us. One of the Tulgey Wood supporters gave Becky a necklace because she did a fantastic job! After the play we socialized with people. It was wonderful to see so many of our friends at the play, and a special treat to see Gillian, our founder and former director. Katie’s and Jamie’s parents organized delicious refreshments to serve to the whole audience. (Thank you, Ann, John, Jim and Tracey!) and had our group picture taken outside of the theater.


Some people went to the beach after the play while others hung out at the house and rested and another group picked up pizzas for dinner. People shared their highlights of the play and Mike L and Isabel told how they came up with the idea for the play. They said there’s a diner actually called Breakfast at Tiffany’s in Sharpsville, PA. They got the idea of the play by combining the movies “Waitress” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Joan, who owns the wedding house where we are staying, has a vision that one day Tulgey Wood and other groups could have our own land and camp on Nantucket. After dinner we had a campfire and wrote notes dedicated to Bobby and then we threw the notes in the fire to remember him. It was good spend some time dedicated to remembering Bobby, and then to eat s'mores before ending this incredible day.