Days 6 and 7

Wednesday was another packed and wonderful day at Tulgey Wood! 

Josh's day started while most of us were still sleeping. "I went to the dump, threw the trash away. Then I had donuts with Mike. Then after breakfast I got to go on a boat and I got a hat."

A group of 9 people went out to breakfast at Downy Flakes, while the rest of us ate breakfast here. It rained on and off all morning, but cleared up by the time we finished with contributions and music class. Josh, Thomas, Mike, Meg and Akeira went out for their boat trip, and got back in time to join art and drama classes. Meg said, "It was so relaxing and thrilling at the same time. I love when the boat goes fast and goes over the bumpy waves and my hair blows wildly in the wind. We couldn’t go to the island we normally go to because of the rough waters."

Peter said, "First thing this morning we practiced our songs for the play. That was beautiful. I enjoyed myself. Monik helped me learn the words." 

We have to let our pottery dry before it gets fired, so in her art class, Elinor taught us to tie-dye. Many of us made multi-colored shirts using white shirts Elinor brought with her. We tied strings and wrapped rubber bands around sections of the shirts, in the front, back, top, bottom, and sleeves. Then we dunked the shirts in water, and followed that by dunking portions of them in dye. When Elinor opened up all the ties and hung them to dry, we were happily surprised by how beautiful they came out. Lots of people had stained hands after tie-dying. 

In the afternoon, we had a scavenger hunt downtown. Some of the tasks were: going to the library to read a book on whales, taking a picture of someone wearing Nantucket red or white pants, getting into a boat or car, finding expensive art or jewelry, asking someone out on a date and asking for their number. Also, we could sing a thirty second made-up Nantucket song, convince someone they are on Martha's Vineyard, take a picture with a statue and a cute dog and ask people to pronounce Tulgey Wood.

We had to find the most expensive item we could. Rebecca found (and tried on) a diamond ring that cost $325,000. Maggie's team saw a statue outside an art gallery that cost $475,000, and Steve found a ring for $4,000. (You think that's expensive?!) Meg's team's original song started, "There once was a man who lived on Nantucket, he had a boyfriend whose name was Steve Kutasz..." 

We gave out brochures and flyers, with hopes that some of the people we met will come to our play. The scavenger hunt was really fun and everyone had memorable moments, but we haven't found out who won yet, because we are so busy with play practice.


Speaking of the play, after dinner, we read through the whole play for the first time. It sounds pretty funny! A new song “Home” was introduced. 


We were so happy to be invited to return to the Whaling Museum for tours with Susan Berman and Karen McNab. Some people stayed back to practice lines, prepare a picnic and do breakfast chores, but the rest of us were delighted to go through the museum. We learned that the language spoken by the Wampanoags was "Massachusett." We were told that the harpoons didn't actually hurt the whales; they feel like a bee sting, but even a bee sting is annoying, and the whales moved around a lot to get away from that feeling. We saw a big iron harpoon that was all twisted up like a corkscrew from the whale trying to get away. 

We visited the Maria Mitchell room. For those of you that don't know Maria Mitchell, she is famous for finding a comet which was eventually named after her. We learned that all the people on Nantucket were Quakers. If people weren't Quakers, they pretended they were, otherwise they wouldn't have jobs. They wore black and white clothing and didn't wear jewelry because they couldn't show off their wealth, even if they were rich. Maria's father was a banker well known in the town. When a Quaker official came to him to tell him to take the piano out of his house, he pointed out that he controlled all the banking in the town and if he wanted his children to learn piano, he was not going to be persuaded to stop. He kept the piano! 

Katie especially liked the photo booth part and seeing interesting things. She said, "The tour itself was good as well."


Many of us walked up the hill to Bennett Hall for play practice - our first in the theater. Mike L said we did well and that we're in good shape to learn everything we need to learn by Saturday.

Many of us went back to camp to rest and have yoga (thanks, Sherri!) after play practice. A small group of motivated beach lovers went swimming. Josh told us, and showed us with his hands that Mike H dunked him under the water. 


Dinner was a lovely cookout (thanks to Francis, John O and Ann!) with our tables out on the lawn and the sound of birds and airplanes as background music. Cookout night is many people's favorite. As dark began to fall, we cleaned up and headed to the living room for another round of play practice!