Days 1, 2 and 3!

written by the blog team of Meg, Eva and Jan.

On Friday, we welcomed everyone to camp with some games, yoga, (thanks, Marjorie!) dinner, and of course stories!

Meg writes: “It was so great to see everyone again after last year. Mike H told me he had a surprise for me when we arrived at the house. I saw a portable ramp from the porch into the house which makes it much easier getting into the house. I’m so happy and I’m sure others who use wheelchairs are too. This is the first year of having a ramp.

Mostly everyone shared stories at the end of dinner which were all great! Mike L’s story was the most memorable because an incident like this doesn’t happen often. Mike L always carries a stick with a feather on one end and a tambourine on the other. It’s unique because you don’t see someone with a fancy stick like that every day. He uses that to help us direct the play that we are going to have at the end of camp. Mike’s story was he was walking at 12:30am on Martha’s Vineyard and the cops stopped him, saying they were looking for a bald man with a blue shirt, which he was wearing, and asked if he had passed out. The cops took awhile to believe him that it wasn’t him but finally did. However, at some point, Mike was wondering if he was hallucinating and really did pass out. As Mike was walking back from Camp Jabberwocky, he spotted the man with the blue shirt who was passed out laying down. He ran back to get help and called the cops and the cop who stopped Mike was happy he found the man. Luckily, the man was alive and okay!”

Dinner was prepared for us in style by Kathleen, her brother Billy and their friends Blake and Barbara. We feasted on a fresh tomato salad, chicken, beans, rice and cornbread – and we really pigged out! After dinner, there were ice cream sundaes, cookies and watermelon. Maybe we’ll never need a meal again!


After dinner, we started learning songs for this year’s play. We started with “Rich Girl,” which has a great rhythm to dance to. Some of us were surprised at the language. . . Everyone enjoyed singing, dancing, and bonding. We are very excited for the play next week!

Saturday was our first full day at camp. It was cloudy with rain forecast and a little chill in the air. Our gentle awakening was much helped with a yoga class taught by Sally.

At an all group meeting after breakfast, we went around the circle, telling a little about what we love about coming to camp. There were some common themes. One, stated beautifully by Peter: “When I come to Tulgey Wood, you are like my second family. You understand my speech, you understand that I can’t see. Tulgey Wood has made a big difference in my life.” Another was added by Candy: “I like camp. I like to have fun.”

The morning was a classic (and therefore somewhat rare) camp morning. Everyone at camp is assigned a contribution, such as dishwashing, vacuuming, table clearing, organizing the shoes at the entry door and folding laundry. Mike suggested that anyone who had some free time might clean their rooms. Olivia went to her room, saw that it looked like a tornado had passed through it and said enthusiastically, “Let’s clean this place up!” And they did!

After contributions time, groups met to work on songs for the play, or to work on pottery with Elinor, or to have a drama or fitness class. (We'll be adding more pictures soon. . . )

Maggie made us a delicious dinner for lunch, and then we rested before heading to the Boston Pops at Jettie’s Beach. We had amazing seats for the concert. In order to get these amazing seats, we had to arrive several hours ahead of time, which turned out to be very lucky. While we were sitting and schmoozing, a reporter from the local tv network came along and interviewed Steve and Mike L! Steve did a great job talking about Tulgey Wood, and the reporter gave us a great shout out! 

We greatly enjoyed the Pops and the Beatle’s tribute band, Rain. As it happened, just as they began to play, down came the rain, but luckily, not for too long and not too hard. The evening ended with a bang, or many bangs actually! We happily cheered and oohed and aahed as the fireworks danced and exploded.

We were all tired and went to bed as soon as we got home. Katie enjoyed a goodnight hug from Jamie!


We woke up Sunday and went to four different churches. The folks who went to the Unitarian Church were lucky enough to see Elizabeth Warren. She left before they could meet her, but that was a big surprise. A lady sang "Scarborough Fair."

Jack and Ben and Mike went to the Catholic Church, where a Jesuit guest priest spoke about the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Jack thought maybe this was the first time ever on Nantucket that he has gone to the Catholic Church and he loved it.

Eight of us went to the Congregational Church, where we saw a few of our friends from our early days on Nantucket. Steve was outgoing and charming, as always, and invited several new acquaintances to our play on Saturday (at 2pm at Bennett Hall, in case you're wondering!)

The fourth group went to the Siasconset Union Chapel, where they were warmly welcomed and had a chance to invite the whole congregation to the play on Saturday. 

We all enjoyed our services and are thankful to have so many friends to meet at church. 

After the church services, we had a picnic outside of Bennett Hall and then saw "Footloose." From the very first opening chords, we were riveted. Everyone loved all the singing and dancing, and most of us joined in from our seats. A lot of the lines were funny. Peter added his thoughts to the Town Hall meeting, saying that dancing should be legal "because it's fun." After the show, the entire cast came out to the bricks in front of the theater to chat with us. Grace and Billie had their pictures taken with different stars, and Josh got an autograph from the actor who played Wren McCormack. We were told by several actors that we were the best audience they've played to yet. 

Following dinner we brainstormed about the play. Grace and Jamie chose love interests ala Bachelorette. We worked on "Rich Girl" some more, and Katie said the music was great. It always gets Meg into a good mood!