Tulgey 2017: Day 7 and 8

Thursday, August 17 Thanks to Mara for writing the Museum portion of our blog today!

We had a blast at the Whaling Museum today! Our good friend Susan (who led our sing-along on Tuesday eve) treated the entire group to a private tour and exploration of artifacts. We learned the origins of "Thar she blows" and the intricate details of the whale hunt.

We then broke into two groups. One group went on a guided tour of the museum and the other group got to touch and learn about many things including a whale tooth, spears and whale bones! On the guided tour Adama was particularly excited to learn about the healing powers of whale oil of which the museum has in large glass bottles on display...this of course is no longer used due to the importance of not harming or killing whales in this day and age.

We also learned about the bonds that the whalers made with the people living in the Pacific Islands and how they would often-times come back with tattoos given to them by the islanders. We wrapped up the tour by having fun in the photo booth where we able to choose our backgrounds and imagine ourselves in whaling times. We are very thankful to the whaling museum for providing such a interactive experience!!

Peter spoke about the trip after dinner. He said, "I've been there many a time and I love it. We talked about the harpoon and I touched one. It was big and pointy. We also talked about scrimshaw and blubber perfume. It smelled okay."

After the trip to the museum, we had a full run-through of the play at the theater. Thank you to the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket  and Sarah for opening the stage up to us today and tomorrow! It was really different to work in that space - there were several curtained exit doors and an actual backstage, so we had to learn where and when to enter and exit. Mike L., Monik, Rachel and Nat G. are collaborating so wonderfully to create, revise, choreograph, figure out lighting cues -- it's a huge leap from the back portion of the living room!

Meg wrote the rest of today's blog:

After the whaling museum, while we ate lunch, the people who set up the Boston Pops concert came by and gave us Boston Pops t-shirts. Everyone was excited about that since we all love the Pops! We would like to shout out a big thank you!

Later in the afternoon, a small group of us went on the last boat ride and the rest of the group one group went to enjoy the beach and the waves at Madaket Beach.  It was a gorgeous sunny day to do both activities. The boat ride was thrilling because there were a lot of waves and it felt like we were on a roller coaster ride. We also got a chance to see the boats at the dock being fork lifted up into their holding station. You don't get to see that every day. The boating group joined up with the rest of the group at the beach.


It fun day at the beach also because there were a lot of waves, and it may be extra good luck that we were there that day. You'll see why!

Harry was standing next to Sarah and life-guarding us and he noticed that some kid, not part of our group, was struggling in the waves. He started to go over and see if his help was needed, when a man went rushing past him, leapt into the water, and scooped the kid from the water. Harry was sure it was the kid's dad, but that man was Kieran! Yay Kieran! Harry went back to Sarah, who was up to her knees in wavy water, and was getting pulled in. Harry held her hands and started pulling her back when suddenly Kieran leapt from behind and lifted her up! Next thing you know, we'll have to get him a mask and a cape!

One group took a sidetrip on the way back from the beach to hand out fliers.  In some locations, people were very open to taking a flier and discussing the upcoming play, but in town, people were less interested. Peter and Steve started feeling a little sad that we weren't able to spread the word as much as we would have liked, but then Steve stuck a flyer out the window up and lightened the mood with, "Hey Mr. Stop Sign!  Do you want a flyer to our play?"

Dinner was a special affair. We had a barbecue cookout with a few island friends and jammed to some music. We had quite a few guests, and some guest grill masters . It was so nice to share a meal and to share our story telling tradition. Thanks for the yummy food and great company!

After dinner we had a very productive play practice, but everyone couldn't wait to go to bed after a long day. We have to get rested up for another big day of rehearsal.

Friday, August 18

We have Meg to thank for most of today's blog as well!

The day started with a quick but delicious breakfast of eggs and veggies and an even quicker clean up so we could run through the show a couple of times at the theater. We came back for lunch and rest and then went in many different directions.  Some of us stayed here to work on props for the play. Some people did print making with Eleanor. And some went into town to have ice cream and hand out the remaining fliers about our play. Some people said that they already heard about it and said they are coming!

We had such a successful final dress rehearsal the night before the play. Everyone worked so well and did their best and had fun! We are so excited about performing in an actual live theatre! In years past, we performed at the house we stay at (the big wedding house) on Nantucket so it's going to be a nice change to be in a theatre.

Thanks to the people at the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket who made this dream come true! Performing in a theater makes acting in a play seem more like a real performance!

We hope to see you there! We have a real treat in in store for you!