Tulgey 2017: Day 5 and 6

Tuesday, August 15

Today's  and Tomorrow's Blogger is Meg!

We had a quiet and relaxing start to our fifth day of camp. It's always a great way to begin with yoga from being stiff when we first get up. Yoga is also a great way to clear our minds of clouded thoughts and getting focused for the day.

After yoga, we had a delicious pancake breakfast (thanks Frances!) to get us fully energized for music. We all did an fantastic job with practicing and remembering music and our lines for the play coming up on Saturday, August 19th. We are so excited about it and hope to see you there!  (2pm, Bennett Hall)

Some of us did pottery and two small groups went for boat rides.


Later this evening, we are gearing up for a fun sing-along and a picnic at one of the local churches on beautiful Nantucket. Hopefully the rain will stop. We haven't had the greatest weather since we've arrived, but that doesn't stop us from having fun! We just love being able to get away and get together with our friends.

The sing-a-long at the Siasconset Union Chapel was a a smashing hit. Some of the songs we sang were: "This Land is Your Land", "Blow the Man Down", "Take Me Home" by John Denver, "You Make My Dreams come True" by Hall & Oates. The crowd seemed to enjoy themselves have a good time but they seemed to really get into the Hall and Oates song which is a sneak peek of our play.

Meg loved the song, "My Voice Matters". She loved the song because it gives a powerful message that every person counts in this world and we all have something great and special to offer that we can all benefit and learn from.


After the sing-a-long, the Tulgey Wood gang had their picture taken and had a scrumptious dinner at the casino down the street, provided by the incredibly generous church congregation. Thank you so much for having us for dinner and for sharing our meal time/story time tradition! And thank you to Deb and Gary for photographing the event!

After we got back from dinner, we all had a successful night of play practice! Everyone has a lot of rehearsing to do.The play is going to be great!

A few pictures of rehearsal won't give too much away:

Then off to bed we went, definitely excited knowing we are going to the musical "Mama Mia" tomorrow night!


Wednesday, August 16

We had an energetic morning filled with music  and practice for the play and a drumming circle with our friend Gary. From the sound of it, we could have a lot more sessions. The drumming sounded wonderful and nobody missed a beat! Besides yoga, music is also a great way to relax and get focused for the day. It helps us get into a great mood and be in a happy state of mind.

After an early lunch, we did a run through of the play and everyone did a great job! It's okay if people make mistakes with their lines or singing. What's most important is to feel good and proud of yourself about being part of a production and having fun!

Then we had a much needed nap  after doing such a great job with rehearsal. And I'm excited to report that we have an extended relaxation period with more yoga. Yoga is very relaxing with breathing, stretching and meditation exercises. People should definitely try yoga if they haven't tried it already.

After yoga we had a early dinner to see the popular musical hit of Mama Mia which we all been very excited to see!

The musical Mama Mia was a smashing hit at Bennett Hall tonight! Katie, Grace and Meg knew all the songs and were singing along and dancing to every song. Candy and Jackie were also dancing along and cheering in the front row. The actress who played the mother played the mother on Broadway. Some of us have seen it already on Broadway, but loved it just as much! Everyone had a great time! Meg loved sitting literally two inches from the stage and seeing the guys up close in their swim suits! The entire play was fun to watch! Bobby and Adama were enthusiastic throughout as well and sang heartily for the final three songs. A big thank you goes out to the folks at Theatre Workshop of Nantucket who donated the tickets for us. We are extremely thankful and lucky to have seen this production.

Rachel asked Rebecca, "How did you like the play?" Rebecca answered, "It's great! Ours is better!"

Peter told an actress that he loved her performance, and that she was the best in the show. He asked her for a signed photograph of herself. She was pleased and said, "Yes, of course, no one ever asked for one before!"

As we we were waiting to get loaded back into the cars to head back to camp, the cast mentioned to us that they will be coming to our play on Saturday. That would be incredible for them come because we love anybody who wants to support Tulgey Wood!

We printed really cool postcards to help publicize our play. Many people looked at the final version before printing it 250 times. When Steve helped Mike pick them up, he glanced at them and asked, "What's April 19th?" Yikes! It was supposed to say August, not April! Steve was amazed. "I can't believe I caught that! I can't even read!"

Now off to bed getting rested up for the Whaling Museum and another big day of play rehearsal tomorrow!