Tulgey 2017: Day 3 and 4

Sunday - August 13 After a huge feast for breakfast, we split into three groups of about 12 people each and had a wonderful time at three different churches. This was a new way to approach Sunday morning, and we loved it, despite the logistical challenge of getting around without a big van!

Then it was off to the beach for a surprisingly sunny and blue-skied day of swimming, relaxing and biking with the Wheelers, thanks to Joan, Darcy and their crew! All who wanted to take a ride on the Wheeler did (almost everyone did); all who wanted to swim did (almost everyone did!); all who wanted to soak up sunshine did -- does it get any better than that?


To help out with the Wheelers, it was suggested that we bring a couple of bicycles with us so one person could ride in front and stop traffic and one person could ride in the back to make sure there are no stragglers. We called the Nantucket Bike Shop, a bike rental shop, and asked to borrow two bicycles. They were wonderfully accommodating and loaned us the bikes, no paperwork, no deposit. Happily, we used the bikes and returned them with ease, but unhappily, we also returned one of Darcy's bikes. We have yet to track it down! Big Oops!! Thank you, Darcy, for being so understanding about it!

IMG_0183 (1)

After dinner, we heard wonderful stories from Scoobs about an elephant who surprised her in the bathroom in the middle of the night; Joan, who told about meeting Jacques; Francis, who told about swimming with sperm whales; the Siasconset Chapel group about how welcoming the service and community was there and Grace and Mike did a beautiful waltz-style dance to "Dancing Queen."

Since we are creating a play loosely based on "La La Land," we decided to watch the movie. The computer rebelled when asked to play it, so we entertained ourselves with a Tiny Talent Show. Among many other sharings, Carley made squeaky toy noises every time she squeezed Sarah., Adama sang "Shabooya," Bobby did an amazing interpretive dance without musical accompaniment, Mike and Andrew sang a song from their band, "Baeja Vu," Rebecca narrated  a fictitious fight scene between Mike L and Gabe, and Carley sang a jazz tune while Andrew played piano. The collective talent in this group is impressive, to say the least.

We paused the movie at the (spoiler alert) first kiss, and happily went to bed.

Monday - August 14

Do you know any sea shanties? After a wonderful music class, most of us now know "Blow ye winds in the morning, blow ye winds hi ho . . . " and I must say, we sound hearty enough to raise the anchor and set sail on an old time vessel.

Thanks to Chris Shannon of Madaket Marine, two groups have already had a chance to feel the wind in their faces and the slap of the waves against the boat. Kieran, Ellen, Peggy, Meg, Rebecca and Carley took their boating excursion before lunch, and Mike L, Steve, Monik, Grace, Adama and Olivia went after lunch/rest time. Both groups reported having a great time, and enjoying seeing many seabirds, but no seals.


Snapshots from boating this afternoon: Grace graced us with some whale calls, both of grown up and baby whales. Steve drove the boat some of the time, and tried to convince us when he got back that he crashed the boat. That group hoped to see the rest of us at Jetties Beach, so they rode over their and screamed and yelled at the people on the beach, only to finally realize our group was at a different beach!

It was a cooler, cloudier day at the beach. The water was either freezing or refreshing, depending on your point of view. Everyone played or swam in their own way. Jackie floated in the floating wheel chair.  Bobby and Ben stuck together. Katie demonstrated her strong butterfly stroke and Billy showed his flutter kick.

Andrew said, "Water is a great equalizer. There are lots of people without disabilities who can't swim at all, and people with disabilities who can. Water is a buoyant force so people can stand on their own two feet."


When we returned to camp, one group worked on a scene in the play and Marjorie led a yoga class before dinner. In yoga we worked on our partner poses and resident yogi Billy Collopy gave a standout performance, mastering the Ardha Chandrasana pose.  Ellen loved the partner stretches, holding hands with a partner to pull back and forth and she also held her body in a beautiful tree shape. We closed our session with chanting and discussing "Om" and "Shanti" and felt one with our mind, bodies, and spirits before having dinner with some guests of our dear friend Susan Berman.

After our wonderful dinner and yummy desert, Susan led us in a sing-along as the fogs rolled in. She is a wonderful singer and song leader, and we had a great time with her and her family.

We had just enough time to finish watching "La La Land" before bed.

So much happens here all throughout the day. Images abound while falling asleep . . .