Tulgey 2017: Day 1 and 2

Friday, August 11 - The start of camp is always one of the best days of the whole year, and this was no exception. The hugs, the shouts of greeting and excitement, the feeling of coming home, even if it's to a home we'll only share for 11 days, could power a trip to the moon, if it worked that way. Most of the group came by boat from Hyannis,  and we thank the Steamship Authority for their generous donation of passenger tickets on the fast ferry. We also thank the friends and families who helped everyone pack and travel. It's a big undertaking and we are grateful for the effort made by so many.


We were delighted to see old friends Meg, Katie, Peter, Sara, Candy, Rebecca, Steve, Bobby, Grace, Billy, Peggy, Ellen, Cameron and Jack together again, back at Whereowhero Lane, and were especially glad that Bobby could make the trip, as he has recently been ill with pneumonia. We were also delighted that new friends Olivia and Adama have joined us!

After a bit of unpacking and settling in, camp got underway fittingly with a yoga class with Marjorie. We "ohmed" and breathed and worked out kinks while our guest chefs, Kathleen and Blake made a feast for our first night's dinner.

After a truly delicious dinner, including a many-berried cobbler for Sean's 21st birthday, we heard stories from all who wanted to share. There were funny stories, such as Sage's story of falling out of bed, and Kellen's story of a cabin inspection that didn't go too well; warm stories, such as Jack's story of reuniting with Sean and Mike's dad Brian after 25 years, and gross stories, such as Giulia's story of vomit on a ride at an amusement park. Our ambassador, Steve, a natural comedian, started his story about meeting Bernie Sanders while dressed up as Bernie by saying, "Most of you don't know I go to Zeno Mountain Farm," to which Mike responded, "Actually, most of us do know!"


Some singing in the living room rounded off the evening before it was time for bed, and a wonderful first day of camp came to a close.

Saturday, August 12 - Pops Day

It was not obvious that we would make it to the Pops Concert this year. Several snafus had already made it a "yes" "no" "yes" "no" event on our calendar, but thanks to the Nantucket Cottage Hospital Foundation, we woke up knowing it was a "yes" -- only to see that pouring rain was both in the forecast and outside our windows. Maybe it would clear up?

While watching the rain fall and wondering about the evening event, we were very busy all day long.

In music class, we made great progress on "City of Stars" (Are you shining just for me?) and Monik even said we harmonized! Elinor offered a few small pottery classes, Rachel and Harry led some dance classes, and Mike led a photography class. Using some newly acquired vocabulary about framing the shot, we had a photoshoot, and got some pretty good pictures to choose from for promoting our play next Saturday. (Just in case you don't know, we had better do a little promotion right here! Our play will be our version of "La La Land," adapted for Nantucket as "Na Na Land." Come see it on Saturday, August 19 at 2 pm at the Theatre Workshop's Bennet Hall, next to the Unitarian Church, right in town!)


After lunch and rest, we worked on some scenes from the play. Scene 1 now has lines!

Just in time, the weather cleared up, and the Pops concert was a "yes" again. Dressed for success at the concert scene, we loaded into every vehicle in the driveway.

Sidenote about vehicles: Our Tulgey van may have made its last journey. Erik Evans at Don Allen Ford had been keeping a good eye on the van, and had checked it out and maintained it in the spring, but the Steering Box Gods are a mischievous bunch, and on Wednesday, the truck didn't pass Erik's inspection. He is, as I write, working like crazy to find a van we can safely use as soon as possible, so at this moment, we can't all fit into the vehicles we brought to camp. I have a feeling we'll be rolling by Monday! Thank you Erik for all you've been doing!!


Getting to the concert was a story in itself, but for now, it's enough to say that Mike performed magic to get us around, under and through road blocks galore, and by the time the notes of "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter" blared joyfully from the stage, we were all in comfortable seats with picnic dinners and a perfect view of the goings on both on stage and at the catered tables in the center. We thank the folks of the Hospital Foundation and all the officers who helped navigate us through a sea of 8000 people in one tiny parking lot.

The' concert  was fabulous! After the John Williams pieces, the Beach Boys serenaded the audience with familiar and danceable tunes.  We all loved it! Meg danced in her chair, Peter and Candy conducted with their light up sticks, Grace's glee was contagious, Adama and Grace and Katie and even Bobby, who we thought might have wanted a little rest after a busy day, got up to dance.

Bedtime was late and welcome and thus ended a glorious Day 2 of the Fellowship of the Tulgey Wood.