Day 13 and Day 14

August 17 We started the day bright and early with yoga class with Sally.  Quite a few of us have sore muscles, sore backs (not to mention a couple of sore throats - - yoga doesn't help those!) so we are especially grateful to all of our yoga teachers for coming here to share their practice.

After breakfast, the focus was on the play. There were still a few scenes that no one had read through, and the play is in four days! Yikes! When people weren't part of a scene or working on their lines, they were happy to join Elinor for some small print-making classes.

Today's lunch makers Rachel and Anjay were well helped by Audrey, who added all the cheese to the pizza bagels. After lunch, Harry did a fashion show of unclaimed laundry -- and now it's mostly claimed! Before we went to nap time, we were sad to say goodbye to Audrey and Alycia. We hope they'll stay longer next year!

We had hoped to try a new beach today, but Mike checked it out and it was not the right beach for us today, so we went back to Brant Point. We had an amazing day at the beach, and Alan took equally amazing photos, which are posted below!


Before dinner tonight, Grace gave the "evening reading" - she strummed a guitar and she and Jamie sang "Hair" all the way through.


Our good Whaling Museum friend Susan came to dinner tonight and gave us the full story of the "Essex." She's an awesome, incredible story teller, and we were completely captivated. It's hard and upsetting to believe that it was real, but we know it was. Thank you, Susan!! (Carley said, If I get rich, I'm not going to get a television, I'm just going to invite story tellers!" Monik said, I felt like I was five years old again, sitting there with my mouth hanging open.")

Afterwards, we used Studio Night to run through most of the parts of the play that we have practiced so far. It was quite a rough run-through, with lots of hilarity, lots of ad-libbing, especially when Aiden repeatedly zoomed around the group on stage during a scene that he wasn't expected in. Sarah wowed us with her "boop boop boops" as R2D2; Grace, as Princess Leia had plenty of fight in her; Bob had his Chewbacca lines down pat; Katie led the dance chorus of "Dance Dance Dance" with energy; and Meg, Mike, Ben, Peter and Billy knew all their lines quite impressively.


Jamie, Rebecca, Rachel, Grace, Peanut, Mike, Steve and Monik serenaded us with a Rebecca Original song, created today while they were  floating in the pretzel. "I'm stuck in a tube, oh my lord, I don't want to drown, blub, blub, blub . . ."


Thursday, August 18

Everyone was very busy (as always!) all morning.  We learned some new songs for the play and then had play practice until lunch. After lunch and rest, most of us had a rollicking good game of kickball. There was a very complicated system of scorekeeping, which no one used, and there are no teams, so it's a whole different [kick]ball game!  Lots of people kicked the ball and made it to home base! Katie ran very quickly to the bases and Gabe caught the ball with one hand (which was good, because his other hand was supporting Billy!) AJ pitched for part of the game, but said he doesn't really understand the game. He just has fun!  Mike said, "One thing that makes it fun is that we're not that great at kicking, so there's lots of chances to run from base to base. Occasionally, one of us blocks the person guarding the base to make sure a runner can be declared safe there."


At the same time, a small group went on a special outing to see Ellen's house. Gillian, Ellen, Jackie, harry, Jackie, Rebecca, Candy and Rachel all enjoyed seeing Ellen's bedroom and the whole house, as well as the snack they shared there.  Jackie said it was a very good group home. He especially liked the water with lemon slices in it. Candy said it was a big house. Rebecca reported on the snack. They also noticed pictures on Ellen's walls of people they recognized: the Tulgey Wood group photo from 2015, Peggy, and Emily were all part of her decor.

More play practice followed. When some of us were off-stage, we got to watch Elinor firing the pots in the barbecue pit outside the house. It was amazing how quickly many of the pots were done. The temperature of the fire raised to 1100 degrees F within forty five minutes, and by applying some different metals and materials such as lemon skin and mango peels, different colors and textures were brought out in the pots. They're spectacular -- I think there will be some pictures  of pots in the next blog.


Yoga with Marjory (Thank you, Marjory!) preceded dinner, and then we roasted marshmallows for  s'mores on top of the pots that were being fired for longer. Aiden told us a new long story about the adventures of a hat. He is a master storyteller, employing different voices and gestures to illustrate as he talks. Peter said, "He's a really good storyteller!"

We ran through the whole play before bedtime. We had a good time - - and, we have a lot to pull together in the next couple of days. Going to bed, Sarah asked if she could go up on Mike's back, just like Candy goes up on Rachel's back. Mike suggested they just hold hands, but the next thing I saw was Mike sitting down on the bottom step while Sarah climbed happily onto his back.  On the way upstairs, Peggy noticed a cricket on the steps. Aiden took it outside safe and sound. Some people went straight to bed and some others took some time to write a note to send in Aurora's suitcase - - she's leaving for her big trip tomorrow!