Days 11 and 12

Monday, August 15 - CONCERT DAY Today was pretty much all about the concert, from morning 'till night. At breakfast, someone mentioned that it was hard to remember the words to our new concert song, "I have a hat." Mike promptly sang a beautiful solo of the whole song, including the gestures and actions that accompany it! A singing prize to Mike!

We rehearsed at camp and then at church, practicing our songs and our staging with both Bob Lehman and David Crohan. Candy said the rehearsal in the church was good. Rebecca felt otherwise, as her head had been in an unfortunately close encounter with a very heavy lamp. Peter felt the morning was perfect and was quite pleased that he remembered the words to his solo.

After lunch, we had a long rest and plenty of time to beautify for the concert. The men gathered on the side porch for a shaving fest and the women gathered at a table to apply nail polish.

An enormous thank you for dinner to Maria at Pi Pizzeria! We feasted on delicious eggplant parmesan, baked ziti and salad. Such a treat - - and she donated the whole shebang! Thank you, Maria- from all of us, and especially from the cook who didn't have to cook!

After all the rehearsals and preparation, we had  a great time at the concert! It was well-attended and a lot of fun! The church didn't start to fill up until a few minutes before seven, so it was a great relief to see so many friends arrive. David played a Broadway medley and then played some Brahms, and then Bob joined him on several more Broadway songs. And then, it was our turn. There were a couple of parts that could have gone better, but overall, it went really well and the audience gave us a standing ovation! Many thanks our friends at the to the Unitarian Meeting House, to the audience and to Bob and David for such a special evening.












Tuesday, August 16

This morning was pretty crazy! We were delightfully surprised when Sherry came to teach yoga, but since it had been left off the calendar by mistake, we weren't ready. Mike rang the bell to wake everyone up. Then he split the group into several parts. Ellen, Ben, Cameron, Talia, Katie, Monik, Rachel, Bob, Sarah, Candy, Rebecca and Jan went to yoga in the great room, and Anjay, Billy, Jamie, Mike, Gabe, AJ, Gracie, Peggy, Peter and Steve ate breakfast quickly and jumped into vans to go to the Whaling Museum. Jackie and Harry had awakened before everyone else and grabbed coffee and yogurt parfaits and took them to the beach to enjoy the morning vibe there.



Candy, Rebecca, Rachel, Bob and Talia went to the Fog Island Cafe for breakfast to celebrate winning their room inspections. They reported that the food was very good (Candy recommends the cheese omelet) and the people at the cafe were very welcoming. After their breakfast, they did a bit of shopping. They found a consignment store where Rebecca scored some bright and glittery rings, which go well with her other fun jewelry.

David needed time to practice for his upcoming Martha's Vineyard concert so we got to have a home concert for the group that remained here. He played the Brahms and Beethoven accompanied by a tape of the cello part. The music that filled the great room was worthy of a concert hall - - hardly a practice as we know it!





The group that went to the museum got even more out of this second visit than they did last week. They handled the artifacts again, including some whale's teeth with scrimshaw, some baline and some plush toy representations of squid and plankton. Peggy was pleased that she could hand the artifacts on to the next person very carefully. Peter loved smelling the samples and sitting in the rowboat. He also loved going to the roof.




After lunch and a rest, we crossed our fingers that the predicted storm wouldn't hit Nantucket after all, because we were ready to swim. We went to the ocean beach for the first time this year. The storm stayed away and the water was challenging but wonderful!

Candy said, "In the water, I had fun in the waves and I didn't want to get out." AJ said, "Today we went to the beach and I had a great time in the water. Mike kept asking me if I wanted to ride a wave. I thought sure, that will be so easy. Next thing I know, I'm under water." Mike added, "We kind of rode the waves a little and we got pushed forward and then it washed all over AJ's face." AJ wrapped up with, "I got upset, and then I was laughing. There's always a first time for everything, even an almost drowning."



Rebecca said, "We went in the water but we couldn't make it because there were a lot of waves. I got knocked over, believe it or not." Rachel added, "Then the water took my flip-flops off your feet, and a nice person on the beach rescued them. Rebecca did great and she never let go of the pretzel tube."

Peanut and Monik were bouncing up and down in the waves, but when they tried to get out, Peanut was running and the wave hit her. She said she laughed so hard she started to miss her mum.

Grace also got hit by a wave and it caught her in the face and filled her mouth with water.

Meg said, "I thought I'd just watch everyone and that was fun, but then Rachel and Talia came over and encouraged me to go in. It's almost like we went surfing today, so if we don't end up going surfing, it's okay. Sometimes you have to push me to do things, but I'm glad I went in - it was totally awesome!"

Jackie stayed home from the beach to rest up and try to get over his cold quickly. He relaxed and watched Catholic TV and then called Allison at Chilmark Chocolates and had a good chat. He hopes to go to the Vineyard in October to see Mary Beth and Allison.

Peggy and Jamie also stayed home and had a restful afternoon. Perhaps they can nip the inevitable camp cold in the bud early.

Tonight at dinner we welcomed Aiden, Alycia and Audrey. Alycia and Jack's joint recitation of "The Jabberwocky" as an evening reading would have made Hellcat proud.



Aiden acted out and dramatically told a long story about Curious George.

Lots of people told stories, which brought us straight to an early bedtime because tomorrow we have an early yoga class.