Day 9 and 10

Saturday, August 13 Today is the almost the halfway mark for us at camp this year. Here's how our calendar looks so far - - we fill in the days as we go . . . IMG_3945.JPG

Kim arrived last night and became Ellen's roommate for the weekend - although we already wish she could stay longer. Ellen, a light sleeper, awoke and dressed early when Kim got up. Kim is never one to waste any opportunity to get to know someone and see if she can help them communicate better, so she and Ellen grabbed coffees in the kitchen and sat down with Kim's Minspeak tablet. Ellen had a lot to say, and the Minspeak was useful, but not perfect. After breakfast, Kim made Ellen a pacing board, a low-tech way to help us all slow down as we speak with Ellen so that what we say is more comprehensible, and to give Ellen a chance to be clear in her response.

. IMG_1946


We are going to be in such good shape for the concert! (Is it bad luck to say that?) We spent the morning doing pottery and working on the play, but we also squeezed in several music practices, two (two!) with Bob Lehman, our wonderful singing Nantucket friend who will be featured with David Crohan on Monday at the concert. We also had time to see and hear about camp so far as reported on this blog! Rachel read the whole blog to everyone who had some free time. Most people hadn't seen it yet, but now maybe there will be more authors to help it happen.

While working on a scene for the play, (Warning: possible spoiler alert!) Meg, Candy and Rachel had to practice dying. IMG_3946.JPG

Almost everyone has really been getting into pottery! We only can work on new things for another couple of days and then it's time to get them fired.



We were sad to say good-bye to Lily and Mady today, and excited to say hello to Cameron! We had hoped Mady would be able to stay almost until the end, but her knee had other plans. Get better soon, Mady, and come back next year! We knew Lily only had a one week vacation, but we miss her, too! Hopefully, she can come back next year, too! She wrote a sweet letter to Billy to say goodbye.

Because we were invited to go to the Boston Pops concert (The Event of the Summer on Nantucket!) we rearranged our day and had dinner in the afternoon and brought sandwiches to the beach in the evening. When Mike said there was time for a long rest and  a shower following our afternoon dinner, we cheered. We squeezed in our second practice with Bob Lehman and piled into four vehicles to go to the Pops.



image5 (1)image3image2image1 (1)



Sunday, August 14

The Pops concert was, according to everyone who offered a review, "Spectacular!" "Wonderful!" and "Awesome!" There were something like 6000 people there, so it's like being surrounded by lots of parties, and there was lots to look at. Our seats were close to the stage, so we could see and hear everything really well. Sarah took a few people with her to go see where her mum was sitting, which was right on the high tide mark on the beach, with a little water lapping around the legs of her beach chair. Gillian remarked that it was really fun to be a part of this scene. Candy said it was really fun to sing along. Peggy and Candy knew the words to almost all of the songs.

We had hoped/planned to go surfing this morning, but we got a call late last night saying that the waves would be too rough and we have to postpone it until a safer time. Instead, we had a more leisurely breakfast and went to church.

image6 (1)

At lunch, Grace spread a rumor to a few people that she and Mike were getting married. Mike asked Grace if she knew that Rachel is his girlfriend. Grace said, "That's okay. He can have two!" Hmmm. When lunch was over, Sarah made the announcement to tell us about the afternoon: "Hey guys! Listen! Today we're going to the beach. Okay? So, first we're going to swim. Okay?" It was more than just okay. Today was beastly hot and even more humid and getting to the beach was a necessity!


Everyone had a great time at the beach, and almost everyone spent the whole time in the water. The pretzel was the popular water toy today; it was constantly in use by at least three people. We went to the Water Tower beach, which is farther from town than the Lighthouse beach or Children's beach and much harder to get to because there's a big, deep, sandy dune to walk up and down in order to reach the beach. Steve did an amazing job walking all the way there without anyone helping him, and then, after swimming, walking all the way back to the van. He said he was good and tired by the end of that!

After the beach, there was a practice with Bob Lehman and David Crohan, the talented pianist and long-time friend of camp who is the main ticket on tomorrow's concert. It was a little bit of a rough practice, but Billy said it got better after some trouble spots got worked out.

We ate a bit later than usual, and went to bed a bit later than usual so we'll be well rested for the concert. Here were some words from some people who were on their way to bed:

AJ said he loves the community here, and is so happy that he gets to come back each year. More tomorrow.

On the way to return a laundry basket to the suite, I overheard a long, gloating laugh coming from a nearby bedroom. I peeked in here was the scene. Billy was sitting in a chair and gleefully gloatingly giggling. Anjay was sitting on the floor, packing up the Connect-4 game. Anjay said that Billy had just beat him 5x in a row (5 times!) and therefore his self-esteem would be taking a vacation day. Billy did admit that at Zeno Mountain Farm Ski Camp, Robin beat him in the championship - - so he's not completely unbeatable. Just hard to beat! Maybe the Collopy Cup is moving slowly because a good number of people aren't ready to send their self-esteems on a vacation.

While waiting for her hair to dry so she could go to bed, Meg said when she first gets here, she gets kind of depressed because she's used to doing everything for herself, and here, there's no grab bar in the shower or by the toilet, so people have to help her do things she usually does independently and it is upsetting to rely on others. But then, she realizes that this is an unusually accessible inaccessible place. The mates make it accessible because they're so helpful. She likes that everyone here comes out of the goodness of their heart.  She said, "I come from a background where my parents have always pushed me to be as independent as possible. I don't like to feel like a burden on people. I tend to be hard on myself, so I'm having to make some adjustments, which can be hard.  I love the swimming and the singing and all the activities, really . But mostly it's the friendships that I really enjoy. This camp is so much fun that I look forward to it all year long. It is so wonderful here that I wish my life at home were like this!" Me, too!