Day 7 and 8

IMG_20160812_145649IMG_20160812_152343IMG_20160812_193743IMG_20160811_202855image1image6image5image4Note: Maddy has been doing an amazing job with our pictures, but her knee has kept her in the doctor's office for basically all of the past two days. She's doing well on crutches, but we're limping through adding pictures and hopefully captions little by little - - sorry!


August 11
After breakfast, we had an update on the Callopy Cup: We’ve played exactly . . . 0 matches in the tourney so far! Today we’ll try to get started for real - - later. Meanwhile, we spent a great morning in music class and then doing pottery and working on the play. “Hair” sounds much better already (“Oh, say can you see my eyes, if you can then my hair’s too short!”), but some of the lyrics are pretty tricky to sing quickly.
After lunch, we went straight to the beach – no rest – and almost everyone spent the entire time in the water. We’ve heard it’s dreadfully hot everywhere, and here it was far better, but it still felt much better to be in the water than in the air. Sarah was especially pleased with the fact that she had pushed Talia in the water.  Rebecca had a great time floating in a big tube. Suddenly, Harry appeared next to her in a giant inflated pretzel and a giant inflated swan!  (Harry says, “Next time give me some mustard for the pretzel, Rebecca!”) Thanks for the new water toys, Harry.
Peter was willing to wear his bathing suit today. His plan was to put his toes into the water. When he ended up being the first person at camp ever to flip over a beach wheelchair (picture something with the most enormous inflated wheels ever!) he also ended up taking his first swim of the summer. He was excited to report that even though it was unplanned, he loved being in the water.
Mady spent her day at the doctor’s office - - not so fun, and, though she’s being an amazing sport, her knee still hurts a ton. 
Meg spent her day at camp, resting her knee (which also got bumped hard yesterday) and listening to Gillian read “In the Heart of the Sea.” They report it to be quite a good book, once you start getting into it. Meg found a poem in the book to read to us after dinner. By coincidence, one of our guests at dinner, Susan from the Nantucket Whaling Museum, had turned that same poem into a song, which she sang to us!
After dinner, Susan led a wonderful sing along, which we all loved! We all sang along to many sea shanties and songs of whalers’ homecoming, as well as traditional songs such as “This Land is Your Land” and “Country Roads.” A few people danced, especially Katie, who also conducted, and Bob and Sarah. To say “thank you” to Susan, for a really fun evening, we sang our Justin Timberlake song, which Gillian had pronounced “grand.”
August 12
The windy, grey morning began with our final yoga class with Ruby, who, we’re sad to say, has to head home today. How we’ll miss her!! She and Steve danced a goodbye dance to the first song they ever heard together, more than ten years ago at a camp in Florida: “I need you, more than anything, darlin' . . .”)
Peter had to go to the doctor today to get ear medicine, and then Mady had to go back to the doctor, so Harry spent his whole morning driving to and hanging out at doctor’s offices. Meanwhile, after the rest of us ate breakfast, some of us went out on a boat trip with Chris Shannon of Madaket, some of us had pottery class and some of us worked on the play.  A few of us skipped off to see our neighbor Jack’s electric vehicle, which was eerily silent, even when it’s turned on. His house is fully solar powered, so it’s fitting that his car is, too!
Shower news: Ellen got a prize for doing such a great job taking a shower and rinsing her hair super well, and Peter was pleased to use the shower chair for the first time this year.
In the afternoon, after rest period, we played a very lively game of kickball. Some of us needed some reminders about the rules (What do you mean, go out in the field?) and others of us kept running bases even after we were declared “out”, so, of course, it was a great game! Bob got to see what it’s like to have a ball slam into his head, but he and the ball-kicker had a good talk about it and hugged, so all’s well that ends well.  Steve made a heroic reach for the ball with his crutches extended over his head - - and then slowly fell straight backward. Unfazed, he got up quickly after and continued to play.
We had more music practice time before dinner. AJ hit his harmony line for “Seasons of Love” right on the mark. The long-held word “love” is beginning to sound sweeter, too.
Just before dinner, someone new came to join us. His name is Anjay and he’s known Sarah since he was seven. We are immensely delighted to welcome him, as we do need some extra helping hands and ready story-tellers. Our old friend Kim arrived just after dinner. She’ll spend the weekend here and hopes to get lots of time working with Jack and Billy on Minspeak.
After dinner, Peter told us how much he enjoyed the boat trip today. He said he could feel his parents and relations looking down from heaven at him, and that gave him joy. He concluded with, “I enjoyed God-#$@ed all of it!” (Sorry - - we do tend to be more casual with our language around here!)
Grace also went on the boat today, and spent much of her time holding her hands out over the sea, using her Percy-Jackson-type-special powers to control the water. She said that Percy Jackson also went to camp and that ours is as cool as his.
Meg noticed someone windsurfing today when she was on the boat. She would love to try windsurfing with Access Sports if she can.
Candy shared her delight about going out for iced coffee with Meg, Rebecca, Rachel, Mike and AJ.
Peggy’s mom came to dinner and told us how proud she is of Peggy, who has learned to read, is learning to count money, and has become a whiz on the computer. Many of us have seen emails from Peggy throughout the year and are happy that there’s an easy way to stay in touch.
Today Ben, Jack and Gillian gave us our first room inspection. Overall, the upstairs rooms ranked much higher than the downstairs room. Someone expressed concern that Ben and Jack wouldn't be objective, but when Ben said the room he and Jack share had badly made up beds, a messy bathroom and an unkempt closet, we knew that they were fair judges. In fact, they were very picky and thorough judges - - they even looked into the under-the-bed storage boxes and rated those! Talia and Bob took the gold, Rebecca and Candy and Rachel took the silver and Billy and Lily took a proud bronze.I won't mention whose room got the big "NO" from Jack and the "dreadful" from Gillian.
We decided we weren’t quite ready for a studio tonight after all, so we’re watching the end of Star Wars. That’s it for now!