Tulgey Wood 2016- Days 5 and 6








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Tuesday, August 9


Today is Jamie's Birthday! Harry announced it and  told us about a few other luminaries born on this day, including Whitney Houston. Gillian gave her a book as a gift from camp. In the Heart of the Sea, as we know from our trip to the Whaling Museum, is about the two crewmen who barely survived a terrible voyage where, in order to survive, they had to resort to cannibalism. Sarah (Peanut) gave us a more cheerful summary version of the book. "Now class! One day there was a whale and it met another whale who said, 'Whale, whale, go home.' So it did."


Mike, AJ, Ben, Jack and Peggy started the morning with our first trip of this year in a motorboat thanks to Chris Shannon of Madaket Marina. Jack dubbed it a good time. AJ loved the boat ride, especially when they were speeding along in the water, and reported that he felt less pain when he was in the boat than when he is on land. Peggy, our expert in all things Nantucket, reported that they saw Tuckernuck Island, a small, private island which has no roads, no public utilities and only about 35 houses on it. 
Pottery is now happening every day for about half the group at a time. While a few more whales were created, the popular creatures of the day were snakes and iguanas. They were all quite impressive and endearing. Grace made a vampire snake and Bob added stegosaurus plates on the back of his iguana. Peter wants it known that he made a cup for his sister. Ellen was quite focused on producing beads. 
The day's perfect skies and hot sun meant that everyone headed to the beach after lunch and rest. The chosen spot today was Brant's Point Lighthouse. Entry to the beach and to the water is easy and the passing boat traffic keeps the view dynamic and interesting. Steamship Authority ferries and Hyline fast ferries were mingled with every size and shape of sailing and motor vessels. Just a sidenote to say, "Thank You Steamship Authority!!" Did you know that they gifted us passenger tickets on their fast ferry for all our trips back and forth to Hyannis??!! Truly a splendid gift! And the Hyline has given us free tickets for the people who need to travel between Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Thank you!!!!
Back to our afternoon: It was amazing how long everyone stayed in the water, but the prizes for pruniest fingers go to Grace and Sarah, whose energies never flagged! Grace kept up a steady stream of  "Ahoys"  while waving at all of us and every passing boat, perched on "boats" also known as Ben, Mike or Monik.  We all admired Sarah's rapid and efficient somersaults and her ability to hold her breath for a crazy long time. Rebecca floated happily in her tube, as did Bob. Jack alternated between his beach chair at the edge of the sea and the tube. Peggy had a lengthy swim and then enjoyed some peaceful contemplation on her towel, as did Candy. Meghan and Madysen read a bit of a book, and Peter, wearing shorts (YAY!) supervised from a big tired wheelchair. AJ swam for a long time and then asked Mike to bring him to the right depth of water to try walking there. He hadn't done that since he was about 16, and looks forward to doing it again. AJ usually struggles with chronic pain but when he's in the water he isn't!
We joyfully enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by special guest chefs, Ellen's guardians, Kathleen and Mike. The stories they and Ellen's other guests told were exceptionally fun and well-told. I'll just share the conclusion of the story told by Ellen's ten-year-old relative: He likes dogs better than grown up humans because when you wake up dogs, they're ready to play, whereas woken up grownups tend to be grouchy! 
Wednesday, August 10
Three cheers for Peter who stretched out on the floor during yoga! 
Another first: Gillian came to music class just as it was ending and declared that our new song, "Can't Stop the Feeling!" sounded "Grand!" 
Today is the day  that the Collopy Cup National Connect-4 Tournament begins! The winner will take home the Collopy Cup. Billy rejected the idea that the winner could win his treasured connect-4 t-shirt. 
This afternoon was cool and cloudy, so one group held a "Happy Hour Plus Olympics", featuring tea, chips and men's gymnastics. Another group went to town and handed out postcards to advertise our upcoming concert. (It's on August 15, just in case you're planning to join us!)  They walked in and out of numerous stores, where salespeople asked, "Hi, can we help you?" And they answered, "Yes, we want to invite you to our concert." They found lots of interested recipients who promised to come, including the eye doctor who kindly fixed Meg's and Ruby's broken glasses. 
When Billy, Lily, Ellen and Katie went out for their boatride, Captain Chris gave lucky Billy a Madaket Marina sweatshirt. Such a treat! 
When the town group got back to camp, out of the blue, Madysen got hurt - - a dislocated knee! :( It was upsetting for all of us, and agony for Mady. Mike and Lily took Mady down the rutted road to the hospital as smoothly as possible. To keep the distress to a minimum afterwards, lots of people played games on the porch until dinner. After dinner, Rebecca acted out the different elements she'd seen the men perform in gymnastics and Bob showed us how the men cheer for themselves.  Mike's mom, Deb, and AJ shared the Spanish phrase AJ learned in Spanish class this morning: "Me alegro que estas aqui!"  Jack was delighted when Deb gave a daily reading from the Bible about how giving makes all of us joyful.
Sarah completed the evening stories with the announcement, "Okay, class, guys, today, tomorrowtonight we're watching "Star Wars!" You'll be laughing so hard, Ha Ha Ha. So, listen, everybody listen! Clap your hands, stamp your feet, let's go watch the moive!"  We watched the first half of "Star Wars" until bedtime. 
Although Mady returned from the emergency room after bedtime, the news spread and many of us gathered around her to deliver our hopes for a speedy recovery in person.