Tulgey Wood 2016- Day 3 and 4

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Glimpsing a few moments:
Sunday, August 7 started with yoga and breakfast, followed by Unitarian church. In the afternoon, everyone went to Jetties Beach to swim and a few people got to go out paddling in outrigger canoes. The wind came up strong then, so others just sat in the canoe and felt the motion of the waves and the rocking of the boat. Meg said she had never paddled a canoe before and that she was quite pleased with how well she did at it. Candy said she swam like a fish, and so did almost everyone else. Rebecca wove a fictitious story about swimming with Rachel and holding onto her tube very tightly, only to be tipped into the water by Harry.
Mike and AJ told us a (sort of) funny room tale. After AJ's shower, Mike and Monik were transferring AJ to his bed. Mike rested his knee on AJ's bed to gain purchase. CRACKKKK!! Luckily, it was the bed and not Mike's knee that broke to bits. AJ's new, albeit temporary, bed is two mattresses on the floor. Nothing to break!
On Monday, August 8 we went to the Nantucket Whaling Museum where some wonderful tour guides showed us some of the important parts of the museum. If small groups would like to go back another day and see some parts in more detail, we can. Many people learned something new about whales. Peter was proud to share his new understanding of the importance of oil from the beluga whale to lighting in the old days. He also liked feeling the artifacts and discovering the gumline on a fifteen foot long whale jaw bone.  Billy enjoyed sitting on a boat they had at the museum, and he bought a stuffed animal whale as a souvenir. Jack really liked Susan, who gave the tour, and we all hope she'll come visit us and sing with us at camp again, as she did last year. Grace and Candy were both really impressed with the skeleton of the 45 foot long whale on display at the museum.
After lunch and rest, Gabe and Steve arrived - - at last! Hooray!! Pottery class with Eleanor began today! Some people made whales. Music class was much enhanced by the addition of the electric piano, brought by Gabe. "Hair" and "Seasons of Love" are beginning to take shape.

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Dinner was a very special event. About twenty new friends from the Siasconset Chapel came with vast quantities of delicious food and we enjoyed a perfect evening cookout/picnic on the lawn. If I told you how many pounds of hamburgers, chicken, macaroni salad, macaroni and cheese, salad and cookies they brought, you'd just be sad you weren't here. In between eating huge platefuls of food and sipping sodas, we began to get to know some very interesting and generous people. One of them, Mimi, told about the time when her children were young and they went to the beach and discovered a giant whale there. It was dead, and quite smelly, but because the waves were moving it around, it didn't appear to them to be dead. It was awhile before they went to the beach again. That whale is now the skeleton we admired today on display at the whaling museum!
After dinner, Gabe sketched out the basic outline of the play - - a musical based on Star Wars. More on that as we start rehearsal.