Tulgey Wood 2016 - Day 1 and 2

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A little background. . .

In honor of our tenth anniversary, we decided to launch our blog! We welcome your comments or questions and hope you'll share it with anyone who might like to know something about our day to day life in the Fellowship of the Tulgey Wood.

For those of you who are new to the Tulgey Wood, we are a relatively small group of friends with and without disabilities who gather every summer in a huge house called the "Wedding House" on Nantucket to enjoy time together and encourage each other to try new things and go beyond our own and others' expectations.  We want to thank our generous and helpful landlords, Joan and Jacques, for helping us in so many ways to continue to exist here. We have lots of other wonderful friends to whom we are enormously grateful, some of whom we'll mention along the way, but for now, let's give a shout out to Darcy who generously provided us with t-shirts that we're delighted to wear!

If you've never been to camp, or even if it's just been awhile since you were, you would maybe be surprised at how much goes on in a day. Each day has enough activities to fill several days in any of our regular home lives, and so many more chances to cheer and laugh and hug and applaud. This blog will highlight a few random moments from our days and can't hope to convey what it's really like to be here. If you're curious to spend time with us, let us know, go to www.tulgey.org, come to our benefit concert at the Unitarian Meeting House on August 15 or join us for own musical play here at the Wedding House (on Whereowhero Lane) on August 20.

Day 1-2

We welcomed most of our friends to the island on Friday, August 5. Two music classes, one before dinner and one after, started things off harmoniously, and were, as Candy said, "Awesome!" We're starting by learning the song "Hair" (as in "Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer; Here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy!")

Music also played a part in our before and after dinner stories, as Peter and Bobby each sang an original song to express their joy in being back together in the Tulgey Wood, Ellen and Peggy led us in singing "I've been working on the railroad"  and Monik and A.J. danced and acted out "Dancing Queen."  A new friend to the Tulgey Wood, Grace, had no trouble jumping in and telling us stories, and Jackie told us about going to Gabe's wedding last week.

Thinking back on last year's highlights, Meg said she is excited to go surfing, boating and hopes we'll go see another play. (Last year, the Island Theater Workshop generously invited us to "Into the Woods" and is again extending an invitation - this time to "The Full Monty"!)  She also said that last year, her first at the Tulgey Wood, was the first time she ever performed in a play or a concert and she looks forward to doing so again. She particularly liked the chance to do theatrical improvisation.

Day two, Saturday, dawned warm and sunny, and we spent the morning busy with music, dancer-cize class and art class. After lunch and a brief rest, we decided that it was too windy and cloudy to be a good beach day,  so we went off to town, to window shop and enjoy a cup 'o joe or maybe an ice cream. While walking on the dock, Grace stopped, widened her stance for better support and demanded, "Where's the land?" Monik said that the dock was part of the land; they weren't actually walking on the water. "Okay!" replied Grace, continuing to walk, using great care to stay right in the center of the dock. With an iron grip on Monik, she felt steady enough to read the names of every boat near the dock and greet every person as she walked. Bob bought a new souvenir t-shirt and made lots of friends in town when he showed it to and discussed it with every person he passed.

After dinner and lots of stories and lots more laughter, we watched the movie "Hair." Perhaps we'll share some impressions of that in the next blog. For now, it's time to say good night!